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I have always had an interest in doing genealogical research but never found the time to really start with it because I was discouraged by stories of people who travelled through the entire country in search for sometimes only small pieces of information.

However with the advancement of the Internet things have changed for the better! Firstly, a lot of information of Dutch citizens since 1811 can be found through www.genlias.nl. Secondly, more and more people are putting the results of their research online.

My own research started when I received a picture of my greatgrandmother (Elizabeth Steen-Prins) who was born on the same day as my son. Now I had a picture but more importantly a name to go with it. Because Genlias does not contain recent information (for privacy reasons) this was the first ancestor I could actually trace in the Genlias data base and I was amazed at how easy it turned out to be to find information about her parents and grandparents.

I started December 31, 2002 and after only one month I already gathered information about approximately 200 directly related ancestors. Of course I never could have achieved this result if other people would not have been so kind to share their information. I have used information from numerous sources on the internet but I would like to thank two people for helping me jump start my research in particular. A very detailed overview of the "Veltink"-family was provided by Klaas Jansen and Harry Kok provided a detailed overview of the "Steen"-family.

Herman Steen & Elizabeth Prins

I use GeneWeb to store all my genealogical information. It is a nice piece of software that runs as a web server and therefore can be accessed by any browser. The following files have been generated by GeneWeb.

The Files

My own ancestors.

The oldest known ancestor in the male line of my family is Asse Arents.
His descendants can be found here.


I would be pleased if you drop me a line if you find any of your own ancestors in my list of ancestors! Please send any corrections, additions, comments or questions to genealogy@veltink.org.

Special Request

I would be grateful if you could help me finding the parents or siblings of people so far I haven't been able to trace in more detail.

  1. Hendrik Hendriks,
    Married to Margien Jacobs, with
    * Hendrik 1818-1861 (born de Leijen, de Wijk)

I you have any information on these two people, please contact me at: genealogy@veltink.org.

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