I am a passionate music listener. My favourite music is melodic guitar-oriented pop. This implies that I like a lot of 60's stuff as well as the 80's bands sometimes lumped together under the name of Paisley Underground (link1 / link2):

I also played in several bands myself while I was living in Amsterdam (1982-1992). Two of them worth mentioning are:

"The Exist" and "The Kliek".

I have put together some pages about these bands. See the navigation above.

Home-grown audio

Nowadays, my schedule does not leave room to play in a band unfortunately, but now and then I find a little time to record some music in my home studio.

After switching from a 4-track Fostex recorder to digital recording as soon as it was technically feasible, I tried out several multitrack programs over the years but recently I switched to Apple's Garageband. It may lack some of the high-end features of Pro Tools, but the user interface is very intuitive, the integration of software instruments is a really nice feature and also important: Garageband will not break your bank account!

Below are some results of these sound experiments: